Do you want to establish your own startup or online business?

We are providing a valuable solution for aspiring founders and co-founders who want to establish their startup or online business with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure. With LLC, you can be assured that you don’t have to suffer those headaches in dealing with administrative issues and let our dynamic staff at Opustartup work for your LLC registration!

If you are confused on how to establish an LLC structure for your startup or online business, then you are not alone. There are many other people out there who don’t know that LLC is the best legal structure for their online businesses or startups! A lot of aspiring founders and co-founders face this roadblock every day when they want to establish a legal body for their businesses so they can start working right away. But local government regulations and other requirements have burdened their willingness and they spend so much time figuring out what to do that they eventually give up. We at Opustartup see this problem and decided that we should help founders and co-founders to achieve their dreams to build their online businesses and startup!

With LLC, your startup or online business will obtain one of the strongest and most globally recognizable business structure. As a proof, if you look carefully, even a company as big as Google still uses LLC as one of its business subsidiary:


You can see that the LLC as a business structure is one of the most popular ones among great companies!

With LLC business structure, your startup can enjoy numerous benefits and advantages such as:

1   A strong business structure. You don’t have to doubt the strength of LLC as a legal structure for your startup! Your startup will obtain positive credibility for using LLC as a widely-known business structure.

2   Cheap and easy administrative requirement. All you have to do is to fill out an application form for your LLC at the bottom of this website, and we will take care of it for you. No more headaches and no more confusion for you. It takes 10 minutes from filling the application and to having the startup of your dream! Furthermore, the annual renewal fee for the LLC is also very cheap, thus giving you the opportunity to use your money on what matters: growing and building your business!

3   Simple membership structure. You can establish the LLC with only one member – this will allow you to be the boss and decide later who will become your cofounders and how you will run your LLC company.

4   Work from home. With LLC, you don’t need to have an office! You can start working from home right away!

Total amount of fee to establish your startup:
US$ 700 > US$ 360 ✓ ALL IN!! (Special promotion price!!)

BONUS!!! If you register LLC for your startup with Opustartup, you will get:

1   The globally renowned LLC certificate on your behalf – this allows you to build a credible business and do business internationally with a renowned structure.

2   A recommendation letter to open a business bank account. This allows you to open a bank account for your business, even in an international bank!

3   Mandate letter for appointing manager. You can freely appoint any manager that you want. You can, of course, appoint yourself as the manager!

4   Employer Identification Number (EIN) at the IRS for your startup. This allows you to easily report your startup’s earnings and other financial matters. Obtaining your EIN is said to be really complicated – but at Opustartup, we can deal with that for you!

What are you waiting for!? Come and register your startup or online business with the world-renowned LLC structure through Opustartup! Soon, your dream in establishing a credible startup will become reality!

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